Work Bench
  • Work Bench
  • Work Bench
  • $2,500.00

A saw bench, A saw bench, based on the late David Culy’s hand crafted saw bench. David Culy was a master craftsman who taught cabinet making at the New Zealand Technical Correspondence Institute in Wellington during the 1950s.

David’s life was devoted to craft. He was a man who made everything himself. From his House to his television - even his own car. During the Second World War, he produced wooden aeroplanes for the De Havilland factory in Ronogtai, Wellington, so it comes as no surprise that these utilitarian pieces of equipment for his workshop, he made himself, with his unique and distinctive aesthetic.

In 1997 David passed away, and these workshop pieces were decommissioned and relocated to the home of Leanne and Brian Culy in Napier.

It is only since the July 2017 opening of the Homebase Collections show-room, gallery that the idea arose to commission Fish Carpentry to help bring these pieces to life in a modern context. The visual and timber profile based off the original design has been maintained, with ‘handles’ added at both ends. The table has a larger bench-top for functionality and versatility - useful as a dining table, hall table, or feature piece. The construction concept ensures absolute stability and safety in its design, also allowing convenient placement for foot-rests. The tables are made with American White Ash and finished with a ‘raw’ oil to maintain the natural tones and feel of the timber as much as possible. Contemporary utilitarianism, and a fine homage to David.

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