Nodi Rug, Pony Braid - Natural


Nodi Rug, Pony Braid - Natural
  • Nodi Rug, Pony Braid - Natural
  • Nodi Rug, Pony Braid - Natural
100% brushed jute – warp cotton.
Medium: 1.6×2.3m
Large: 2x3m
I am an entirely hand woven rug, made with loving care by skilled artisans in India. I belong in your home and will add depth and character to your space. Being crafted by hand, means that I am different from the rest and will have slight imperfections – consider these beauty spots, not flaws.
Suited to Lower traffic areas, bedrooms & studies – spaces requiring a smart, versatile & cosy texture which adds depth and character to the space.

Vacuum dirt/dust out once a week with a motorised head.

Spot clean any spills with a mild soap – use a mild soap and cold water by diluting the spill, using a small amount of soap then dilute again.
Be sure to absorb as much liquid as possible to avoid water marking – do this by using an absorbent material on either side of the rug to absorb from the front and the back. Do not clean use chemicals – it will strip the dye and compromise the weave.

Rotate me often so I wear evenly, avoid direct sunlight as much as possible – I don’t like sunbathing.

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