KLAY Disc Squab Cushion -Vibrant Blue Velvet

KLAY Disc Squab Cushion -Vibrant Blue Velvet

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KLAY cushions are meticulously hand made, using high quality materials and traditional craft techniques. They are designed and made to be enjoyed for years and years.

They are structured, firm and comfortable due to their five hand crafted layers. Recycled rag, foam, bamboo batting and cotton calico are each hand trussed, steam moulded and sculpted into shape. The methodical handwork ensures a beautiful, hand crafted shape.

The covers are made from upholstery grade velvets, linens or cottons. They are removable and have a colour matched invisible zip.

Diameter: 38cm. Height: 8cm. Weight: approx. 500 grams

Made in New Zealand by Kirsty McLay.