About Us


Homebase Collections is an art and homeware business.

 It all began in 2005 when the Culy family settled in Hawke’s Bay.

 Designer and artist Leanne Culy, well-known for her intricately painted oars, launched a range of natural fabrics using motifs and icons from her art and her photographer husband Brian Culy made the perfect creative collaborator.

 Homebase Collections grew out Leanne and Brian’s powerhouse of talent and skills, their shared passion for design and ingenuity, and ever-increasing respect for the environment.

 The headquarters for Homebase Collections is the Culy family home – Balquidder House in Hawke’s Bay. Leanne and Brian along with their daughter Jacobina own and operate the business.

 “We have always enjoyed the art of creating and styling – from television commercials to online video content, interior design, fabric design, furniture design, photography and art.”

 “Our ethos is similar to the Slow Food movement – we strive to create work with great care, with heart, soul and respect implicit in our creative process. We make valued objects which our customers can love and live with all their lives. Homebase Collections is committed to reducing its impact on the environment.”

 Beyond Leanne and Brian’s own work Homebase Collections offers a collection of complimentary hand-crafted pieces inspired by aspects of Aotearoa New Zealand the couple loves.

 “In addition to our own art and wares we’ve curated a selection of objects – beautiful, honest, thought-provoking and memory-provoking, symbols of hope and unity – which have been produced with a light footprint on the planet. They’re pieces we and our customers will never tire of, something to keep forever.”