• 'Bee Prepared' F.A.W.C Dinner At Balquhidder House With Martin Bosley

    F.A.W.C dinner and how it all started
    It all began with a family desire to become Bee keepers, Billie and her partner Matt took the brave leap to move from Auckland to Hawke’s Bay to do this.
    A generous offer by, Beagle, the owner of Beagles Bee's, made this all possible!
    Over the last 6 months Beagle has shared all his knowledge to help them become bee keepers, and in the process we all discovered that his practice focused on the type of bee keeping that put the Bee first and profit second.
    We all share the passion for bee keeping, but we also share his commitment to fight for the Bee and our future to live life eating food that is produced with respect for where it comes from, who produces it, and the creatures that create it.
    So we decided to host a dinner with a long time friend, Martin Bosley, renowned Chef, who also happens to be super concerned about the Bees. 
    He used the Honey that Billie and Matt helped Beagle Harvest over the Summer for every dish, Beagle spoke and enlightened us all on the dangers that bees face, we showed our Artwork in the Home Base Gallery that focused on the concerns we have for the bee and created an all round magical event all for the bees, under the umbrella of the winter Hawkes Bay F.A.W.C event. 
     Mark Caves, Tutor at EIT and his kitchen hands plating up with martin Bosley
    Naturally dyed Hemp napkins using bougainvillaea, turmeric and onion skins.
    Hand made orbs, candles and bowls made with Beagle's bees wax.
    Hand made orbs for a tea light candle that glow when dark, enquire via email for price.
    Resin Sculptures by Matt Beamish, Print by Jacobina culy.
    Mixed media painting by Leanne Culy
    Other works By Billie Culy and Video work by Brian Culy. If you would like to visit the gallery,
    send an email info@homebasecollections.co.nz or call
    06 8358735 to arrange a time. 

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