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    We hope every one has had a relaxing Easter weekend!
    We were lucky with the weather in Hawkes Bay so we took the opportunity to do another harvest of our beehives. Its always a time consuming exercise, but worth all the effort! We love how every harvest the flavour of the honey changes, depending on what is flowering around the Napier hill. We are in the proccess
    of doing some branding for the honey, so we will keep you posted on ho we get on! 
    This is a print Brian and I worked on called '50 Flowers.' These are all flowers found on our property, and is part of why our honey has such a diverse flavour.
    This print is available to purchase, email info@homebasecollections.co.nz for enquires. 
     Lately we have been enjoying the last of the summer veges form the garden, this is a  quick salad using the last of my figs, with peaches, avo, cucumber and fenell bulb,
    with a coconut, honey and curry powder dressing. Yum! 



     This easter we also had some lovely friends visiting the Hawkes Bay, so we took them up Te Mata peak to watch the sun go down and the light change.

    We are so lucky to have a landscape like this to visit and share with people. 






      Lately Homebase has been listening to the relaxed new Matt Corby Album Telluric. 

    This video For the song Monday is captivating, 





     If you like, follow @re_seed, which is my environmental observation Instagram. See more of our bees, garden, nature and homebase life.  

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