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“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.” - Dr. Seuss

New Oars

I’ve just finished a blissful session in my studio and completed 2 commissioned oars that are now available as prints.

‘Herbarium’ and ‘Gold’ For more details, email info@homebasecollections.co.nz

Side Board

Our ply and peg board side board, designed by Leanne Culy is now available in white

Please email for enquiries info@homebasecollections.co.nz

New Alpaca ‘Suri’ rugs

Beautiful long haired Alpaca rug from a local farm.  Featured on Country Calendar now exclusive to Homebase Collections.

Art at home

Spring has sprung at Homebase.  Magnolias in the vase, Yosemite on the wall and one of Leanne’s new high-gloss enamel oars on the wall.  So keep an eye out for the upcoming issue of Homestyle magazine.

New installation at Aroha Lamour




home base winter showcase

bcphotohb51a walk on the wild side ….

on a beautiful Hawkes Bay winter weekend, we headed out with nature – our inspiration to capture light, textures and the colours of winter


pale peach hoki on coffee coloured hemp with rata and tutu




snuggle into one of Homebase Collections merino sheepskin peggy square wool rugs. Grown and made in NZ



beautiful merino sheepskin wool rugs – 1450 x 2000


extended family on the walk starring Homebase Collections fabric….

Billie Culy – model

Jacobina Culy – assistant styling / photography assistant

Leanne Culy – styling

Brian Culy – photography

Cushla Bower – makeup and hair design

New oar prints by Leanne Culy

Three new oar prints have been produced from Leanne’s last show at Black Barn Gallery.

These limited edition, life size reproductions are printed on beautiful photo rag paper.

“These are a few of my favorite oars from my show at Black Barn.

The first one is called ‘Treasure’ and the most prominent image is the White Heron (Kotuku) that is sacred to Maori.

The second oar is called ‘The Heat Is On’. I painted this oar out at the beach in Haumoana and it was extremely hot at the time. I was thinking about Global Warming . We know it is real but try to keep a positive outlook. We don’t do anything because we feel powerless to stop it or maybe we just live in hope. ‘The Heat Is On’ is about running out of time.

The last oar is called ‘Gay Thrush’. It is simply a true story of a gay man and his friendship with a bird. Graham, who has a spectacularly beautiful and humorous garden, has made friends with the Thrush who now eats with him, follows him about the garden and was very happy to pose for me.”

August 29th 2014
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Two new prints

Magnolia Red and Magnolia Pink prints now available printed on photo rag paper. Magnolia Red is 900 x 770 and Magnolia Pink is 900 x 700 mm. $600 unframed
August 18th 2014
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Geo Pins

Labour of love these little Geo Pins! All hand made to share and available in packs of six through our online store.
August 14th 2014
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Holy Range

Our pegboard sideboard and bedside table, sit alongside the pinhole lights and matching fabric, in a range that is quite holy!
August 7th 2014
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Birds, birds, birds!

Birds, birds, birds! All so different and some I know will fly away quickly as they are so amazing. Shop online under 'objects' and select you favourite.
June 17th 2014
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Culy&Co’s new Geo Baby

Our new cuboctahedron is officially the Geo Baby . FIrst of the Culy&Co designs launched at the Homebase Collections pop up dinner designed by the late David Culy in the 60's is now available . Enquires by e-mailing info@homebasecollections.co.nz


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